Speed Skate 1

SS1 is for kids approximately 5-8 years old. Starts, stops, basic position and technique are introduced by non-competitive games of sustained activity.

Registrations for Speed Skate 1 are accepted for either Saturday or Sunday or both days, each class is 1 hour long. Parents are encouraged to come on the ice and share the fun.

Saturday Coaches: David Silke with skaters from the senior competitive group.

Sunday Coaches: Rebecca Mahler with skaters from the senior competitive group.

Cost for the Year:

Saturday or Sunday (1 hour/week) = $185.61
Saturday and Sunday (2 hours/week) = $361.22

Ice Times: Yellowknife Community Arena

SS1 Saturday    11:00 am – 12:00 pm
SS1 Sunday    10:30 am – 11:30 am

Equipment Required:

  • Helmet, CSA-approved or ASTM F 1849 certified (no bicycle helmets)
  • Knee pads (not hard style)
  • Bib-style neck guard
  • Leather/cut-resistant gloves/mitts
  • Shatter-resistant non-tinted safety glasses with safety straps (prescription eyeglasses do not require additional safety glasses but do require a safety strap)*
  • skates (hockey skates are fine – NO figure skates)

*Safety glasses can be purchased at Overlander Sports in Yellowknife.