YKSSC Schools Ability Meet

Registration for the 2023 YKSSC Schools Ability Meet is now closed.

The registration fee of $20 (Rockets are FREE!) can be sent via EMT to ykspeedskating.regs@gmail.com. Please be sure to use the password “yellowknife” and indicate which skater your transfer is for. If you prefer, cash or cheque (make out to YKSSC) can be given to Jody or your coach.

Skaters must have safety glasses (NOT tinted) and a strap for this meet.

Please note: this meet, as with all YKSSC meets, are screen free. Kids are welcome to play board/card games in the change rooms or cheer on their fellow skaters on the ice!

Download the Parent Guide to Speed Skate Meets.

Volunteers are needed to make this event happen!
Lots of on-ice and off-ice volunteers and officials are needed to run an event like this. If you are able to help, please email ykspeedskating@gmail.com. If you are interested helping make food to keep our volunteers feed during the meet, please email the Food Coordinator (Jana).

Make sure your skaters have freshly sharpened skates for the Meet!

Speed skates have a different type of blade than hockey or figure skates and therefore need to be sharpened in a special way.  Skates should be sharpened before the season, at least once a month and before events/meets to enhance a skater’s ability and protection of our skates. Please ask your coach to have one of our Competitive Skaters sharpen skates for your younger skater. The cost is $10 direct to the skater.

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