Return to Ice

We have received our exemption letter and are allowed to return to the ice starting Tuesday, October 26. What does this mean for you?

1. As a part of our exemption status, YKSSC is required to have checked the vaccination status of all our skaters and coaches over the age of 12 who are eligible for vaccination. Before any of our skaters or coaches who fall into this category can get on the ice, we must have this proof of vaccination for our records. Please email proof of vaccination for your skater, or yourself if you are a coach, to before you get on the ice. If your skater is under 12, then no action is needed, however see #2 for you as their parent if you want to come into the Multiplex.

2. Anyone who enters a City facility, such as the Multiplex, is required to show proof of vaccination. So, aside from sending it to YKSSC as noted above, you might also need to show proof of vaccination for your skater, yourself as a coach, and/or yourself if you want to come in to volunteer or spectate. We are unsure when or how the City will start doing this but please be prepared tomorrow for the possibility of showing proof of vaccination at the door to get into the building.

Basically, YKSSC needs to comply with its exemption requirements and have proof of vaccinations. Separately, the City will do their job and check for proof of vaccination for their facility. Thank you!