YKSSC Spring Raffle

The club hasn’t had much opportunity for fundraising this year, but we also haven’t had any travel expenses! The YKSSC Board wanted to do a fundraiser in the community to raise awareness for our club and raise some travel money for next year. We are excited to announce our Spring Raffle, which will start March 6, 2021. We will draw for three prizes Sunday, May 14, 2021, 6:00pm, Multiplex Arena.

First Prize: Clipper Tripper 17’6” Kevlar Canoe. Value $3600
Second Prize: Camping Package. Value $1000
Third Prize: Wellness Package. Value $700

Justin will be reaching out to our SS3 and Comp skaters to sell tickets at the Coop on various dates over the next few months. We also need some parents to help with the transactions! We hope to sell 500 tickets, $20 each or 3 for $50. If you are not in SS3 or Comp and would like to help out, please email Justin at ykspeedskating.volu@gmail.com

Thank you to the local businesses for their donations and contributions – Overlander Sports, Collective Soul Space, Anytime Fitness, Canadian Tire, and Yellowknife Beverages.