A variety of safety equipment is required for each skater depending of their program level. A full equipment list for each program is listed on the individual program pages. For more information about appropriate safety equipment, visit Speed Skate Canada.

There are various places online you can purchase safety equipment. Olympic Oval Skate Shop, Duvealt Speedskating, and I Love Speedskating are all trusted online resources for speed skating equipment.

Closer to home, Overlander Sports in Yellowknife typically brings in a selection of certified helmets, safety glasses, cut-proof gloves and more at the start of the season for our skaters!

We also have a Used Equipment Swap Shop where you can find deals on various types of speedskating equipment from skates to skinsuits! Let us know if you have something to sell!

Skate Rental

Speed skates can be rented from the YKSSC for a cost of $125 per season (additional cheque of $125 is required as deposit). Try on and pick up rental skates from our Skate Coordinator, Rob Bubar. Please contact for skate rental arrangements.

Skates are rented from our locker room at the Multiplex (back room of the Ed Jeske ice surface).

Please note that figure skates are NOT permitted for any program level.

Skate Sharpening

Speed skates have a different type of blade than hockey or figure skates and therefore need to be sharpened in a special way.  Skates should be sharpened before the season, at least once a month and before events/meets to enhance a skater’s ability and protection of our skates.  Rob Bubar, our Skate Coordinator, will advise on who to contact for sharpening.  Alternatively, you can drop your skates off with one of the Sr. Competitive skaters during their Sunday ice time.  The cost is $10.

Cut Resistant Undersuits

Cut resistant undersuits are an important piece of safety equipment for our SS3 and Competitive skaters.  If you are considering purchasing a cut resistant undersuit please keep in mind that the Club recommends full coverage undersuits (or cut resistant material interwoven into a skin suit).  Brand names for this product are Dyneema or Dynamix and these types of suits can be purchased online at Duvealt SpeedskatingI Love Speedskating and other speedskating supply stores.

If you have any questions about safety equipment please talk to your coach or send us an email.

YKSS Club Suits

For the first time ever, YKSSC has ordered locally designed club suit to its skaters (thanks Alexandre!). Not only does this opportunity make our skaters look and feel good during practice, it also brings them together at tournaments away from home. Suits are expected to be here in early November.


  • Prices are as follows:
    • Youth with knee and shin padding, NO cut-proof undersuit = $134
    • Adult with knee and shin padding, NO cut-proof undersuit = $164
    • Youth with knee, shin padding and a cut-proof undersuit = $300
    • Adult with knee, shin padding and a cut-proof undersuit = $370
  • GST will be applied to these prices.
  • Orders must be placed by September 30 (confirmed).
  • You will be required to pay for your suit(s) at the time of ordering by cheque or EMT to
  • Shipping to YK is included in the price.
  • Orders will be here first week in November.